Identification of Algerian Nuthatch – The Most Pointless ID Article Ever?

This month’s Birding World once again has me wondering why I still subscribe. There is an article titled Identification of Algerian Nuthatch. This is an endemic species to Algeria, is found in only a few areas and is the only Nuthatch in Algeria. Shouldn’t be that fucking hard to seperate it from none of the other Nuthatch species not present then.

What really is the point of this article?


6 responses to “Identification of Algerian Nuthatch – The Most Pointless ID Article Ever?

  1. I was thinking the exact same thing…………….!

  2. There is no point to it, other than a desperate attempt to make subscribers think they’re still getting a ‘cutting edge’ publication. The sad truth is that all the edges were cut long ago (at least in Europe) and all there is left to do is clamour for finer and finer splits and bleat on about ‘DNA studies’ in the hope of being able to produce more pointless ID papers.

    Next month: Identification of Ring Ouzel (well, you sometimes see Blackbirds with a bit of white on them). Or perhaps ID of Green and Wood Sandpipers would be a better idea, since 90% of people still get them wrong (heard yesterday at RW, with a book open in front of them: “It can’t be a Green Sandpiper – it’s not very green”).

  3. In case there is an unprecedented irruption and one turns up in garden in a sleepy Leicestershire village?

  4. You’ve hit upon ‘one’ of my pet hates Andy……[where’s me soap-box]?!
    In the face of such ‘cutting-edge’ articles it is perhaps appropriate that they make me wanna slit me throat. Now i can understand the relative importance of all this DNA type bollox to the scientific ornithological community..but it really is quite useless [most times]? when it comes to identification in the field.
    I suppose that there are ‘those’ out there with vested interests in banging out all this crap….it’s just that i ain’t interested.
    I won’t slam ‘birding world’ completely tho…occasional issues are okay and provide many minutes of entertainment….a bit like ‘razzle’ really but without so many tits………

    ps…Algerian nuthatch?…the name says it all…itz a nuthatch…and itz found in………..? Norfolk…?!

  5. thedrunkbirder

    Maybe we should start putting copies in places formally occupied by porn then?

  6. Well…i suppose you could John….but i’m not sure how the porn fairy would react to that….he’s well pissed off as it is!
    I will have a word with ‘him’…but i suspect that the porn fairy might want to, at the very least, change the title of Birding World into something more pornographic…like…’Splitz n Lumpz’…..or maybe just simply ‘splitting’….?

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