Achtung! Spitfire! Schnell, Schnell!

After a disappointing morning trying to find the King Eider at the Witham Mouth, Dave and I headed off to Freiston Shore, bagging a Merlin on the walk back to the car.

A few shorebirds were still roosting on the Reservoir and this Knot strayed closest. A few more distant Knot were still in fading summer plumage.

Knot in summer plumage anymore

Knot in summer plumage anymore

Moving on to the other ‘new’ RSPB reserve at Frampton Marsh  we didn’t have any luck with the Little Stint or any Redstart.  We were treated to a flypast from this Spitfire though. Later in the day back at Cut End, dipping the King Eider again we were treated to another flypast this time by the Red Arrows.






2 responses to “Achtung! Spitfire! Schnell, Schnell!

  1. Well…i admire your persistence over this eider….you must really value your Lincs list!….[is this now three attempts for an audience with the ‘king’]?! Shit the bed…..itz giving you the right old fuck around ain’t it?!…
    Hope you eventually score after all yer efforts……you deserve it!

    ps…..i see on the lincs bird club site that Mr.Catley ‘shot’ the bird from a fuckin boat?…..shiver me bastard timbers…….

  2. thedrunkbirder

    That’s why we didn’t see it then Catley shot it! I didn’t go last weekend but Dave tried midweek.

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