Whether the Weather

As well as feeling very under the weather today (poorly) I thought I would get into the autumn swing of things and not moan about the weather but try and look on the bright side. The winds swinging westerly or southwesterly should be good for a bit of vismigging. Don’t forget that this weekend looks great for the coordinated vismig count. I’m hoping to be on Borrough Hill both Sat and Sunday mornings.

Looking further ahead and afield, three Buff-bellied Pipit on Iceland have probably been blown in on the current winds and a depression is moving across the North Atlantic for the early part of next week. Maybe a bit of a good blow for seabirds in the Severn Estuary or the Wirral?

I have also added a new link for those heading to Scilly, the North American Hurricane Centre. Nothing doing at the minute but keep checking. This wasn’t actually predicted to be a good year for hurricanes, bad for us, good for the Yanks I guess. It hasn’t stopped a few Yanks getting through though; apart from the Pipits, an American Black Tern, Blackburnian Warbler and Northern Harrier have all made it so far.


15 responses to “Whether the Weather

  1. Fuck me John you appear to have gone all Michael Fish.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Yep, except there really is NO hurricane!

  3. Bet there are a few credit card birders running around like head-less chicken this afternoon!!!
    I just hope the Sandhill Crane flying south for about 500 miles?!

  4. ‘Whether’ or not to go for a crane eh…?

    Doesn’t really inspire me…well…not on fuckin Orkney anyhow…..!
    Ouse Washes be better…being ‘a tad’ closer…and therefore a lot cheaper…and therefore more inspiring….and so forth…

    ps…[maybe i just lack the inspiration…and the dosh]….?!

    pps…tufted puffin might get me to Orkney tho…..but only if i don’t have to join the stupid bastard ‘tufty club’…..

  5. thedrunkbirder

    Oi! I’m a proud member of The Tufty Club, still got my badge and wankers like you are not welcome…

    …only joking. Road safety is everyone’s business.

  6. ‘Out n proud’ eh John…..?….[chuckle]!

    Wotever happened to the ‘original tufty’ then….?….did it get run over?
    Or did it get beaten up by the ‘green-cross code man’ in some sort of ‘tarmac war’….[wasn’t that darth vader]…?

    Poor old ‘tufty’…wouldn’t have stood a chance against the dark force….. hope it was quick…..!

  7. Happy Birthday John, hope you feeling better when you get to Flamborough for Fish supper!!

  8. thedrunkbirder

    You beastly beast. Tufty is alive and well. Roger Prowse isn’t! Red Squirrels will always win out against the Dark Side… maybe not the American Grey though.

    Cheers Dave… need a few birds!

  9. Have you got Weasel Flu John? It seems to be affecting your memory – it was Dave Prowse who played Darth Vader and the Green Cross Code Man, and he’s still alive according to Wikipedia.

    If the weather is promising on Sunday I might even get to Burrough Hill early – Sophie’s off to Crete at some unearthly hour, so I shall be awake for a change…

  10. thedrunkbirder

    Must be Weasel or maybe a Stoat Flu. I thought David Prowse had died. Oh well. I’m sure James Earl Jones (the voice of Darth Vader) is dead though. Why the fuck did I put Roger? That’s just crazy. If you want to go the Burrough I’ll pick you up unless you want the flexibility of sleeping in!

  11. Nope – James Earl Jones is still alive as well.

    Lift would be good on Sunday, thanks – just let me know what time.

  12. thedrunkbirder

    Oh well. At least I know Darth Vader is dead… I saw him die at the end of Return of the Jedi! Now don’t tell me I’m wrong.

  13. The ‘dark side’ is still strong O-b-John…even if Darth did snuff it!…[tho didn’t i see him without his black shiny helmet doin a jig with Alec Guinness at the end o that film]…?…..looked better with his helmet on if you ask me……

    ps….belated happy birthday by the way….and may the ‘force’ be with you when ‘viz-migging’….!

  14. thedrunkbirder

    Cheers Beastie but you’re actually early not late. It’s tomorrow.

  15. Could those comments have been any more blokey???

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