Big VisMig

After Saturday’s events I picked up an even rarer sight on Sunday morning. Andy Mackay was up at 6am and relatively uncomplaining. Dave Gray arrived fashionably late and we set off to Burrough Hill. Conversation on the way was doing Andy’s caption competition for a new photo of El Presidente he had received.

We were soon camped out by the toposcope on Burough Hill, me having taken the life of a young Bunny on the drive over… Karma came back to bite me in the arse later when some daft twat reversed into me at Tesco’s petrol station at Hamilton. I also didn’t see the Grotfinch again this afternoon. Karma, surely?

Anyway. Vismig was pretty poor. Clear weather probably meant stuff went over out of range. We did seemingly do better the the Deans Lane crew. Results are here on Trektellen.


6 responses to “Big VisMig

  1. That site almost makes counts of migrating Meadow Pipits interesting. Perhaps I could get into vis mig after all – if only I could get out of bed earlier!

  2. You wouldn’t have to get out of bed at all Andy if you stuck your bed on top o the hill…you cud just lie there and wait…..[with or without ‘baited-breath’]….!

  3. John, it wasn’t karma, it was just a stupid rabbit and a twat who cannot drive!!

  4. Get yerself back to Burrough Hill lads……might be a sandhill crane flyin over soon…..i am kidding….but…..the narrow-necked yank is flying south at the moment….be a chuckle wouldn’t it?!

  5. thedrunkbirder

    I’ll wait for the bugger to turn up in Lincolnshire or better still Cossington Meadows!

    It would make me howl if it pitched up within easy reach… I’d love to see the anguish on one or two faces…

  6. Have been following the ‘cranes’ progress on BF…[or TF]..!….bird last seen flying close to the A9 towards Cromarty Bridge….don’t think it will make Lincs or Cossington meadows tonight! Who knows where next tho….

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