Marsh Harrier – A Soar Valley Tick

As I was driving back down the A6 today I had a juvenile Marsh Harrier fly NW from Mountsorrel Meadows following the river. Get in! You can keep your Veery’s…


8 responses to “Marsh Harrier – A Soar Valley Tick

  1. David Gray

    Bloody Tart’s tick!!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Ha ha, I don’t care. Finally getting a Marsh Harrier on my Soar Valley list means a lot more to me than a bloody Veery on my life list.

  3. Relative values eh?
    Must admit…i wud love to see a marsh harrier on my local ‘patch’….any harrier actually….!

    ps….wasn’t it Rob or Rich Fray who had a hen harrier years ago over Stoughton airfield….?

  4. David Gray

    It was Richard Fray in November 1993 I think?

  5. Forgot to put it on the news page last night – sorry. It was a bit of a late night rush before I started packing for Shetland!

  6. thedrunkbirder

    Did you get there ok? There were air traffic problems at Prestwick? I guess the winds didn’t help.

  7. Dave…yeah…1993 sounds about right…and ‘yeah’…also think that it was Rich who saw that hen harrier.
    Guess the ‘record’ lurks within the covers of that new ‘door-stop’ book about Leicestershire birds…which i haven’t got….[yet]!

  8. Yes, no problems at all. The wind was much less than forecast. Just updated my blog with the first batch of nonsense.

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