Forward Thinking

Our holiday to Scilly is just about the only thing keeping me a work at the minute. I really do need a bloody holiday.

I’ve been looking at the weather sites and to be honest this year isn’t a good one for Hurricanes. Tropical Storm Grace is currently heading our way and I’m hoping she’ll drop something into the Southwest in the next few days. Henri, is brewing out in the Carribean but I doubt it will trouble us.

Having said all that, we can speculate on winds and weather all we like but birds, even Yanks can appear anytime. Andy Mackay’s Yellow-billed Cuckoo on Tresco in 1999 came out of nothing. 1999 will be remembered for being a classic year with birds from all points of the compass.

Here’s hoping…


7 responses to “Forward Thinking

  1. Will you be updating this blog from the Scillies John?

  2. thedrunkbirder

    If I can get all my equipment over hopefully.

  3. I’ve given up speculating on the weather. It certainly hasn’t been anything like ‘classic’ weather in Shetland this October, but there are still plenty of good birds turning up, today’s Lancy after a day and night of westerly gales being a good example!

  4. Would guess the lancy has been knockin about unseen since the arrival of the petchora’s…..?

  5. david gray

    I think it just goes to show that Shetland is brillant for “Rares” in early October regardless of the weather!!

  6. Doesn’t always works like that though Dave – last October was crap weather and no birds! It’s obviously more to do with what the weather is doing where the vagrants have come from, and probably what the weather was doing in Siberia months ago!

  7. Re when the Pechora turned up, it may have been in Shetland for a few days, but Steve does that bit of thistles every day, and it was certainly new into there yesterday.

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