All my good intentions to go vismigging this morning came to nought. Had a few pints down at the Crit last night. Leigh and I met up with Rob Gee for a catch-up on his succesful theatre tour of Canada with Fruitcake. Coming to the Y Threatre in the Leicester Comedy Festival.

Anyway – long story – short. Got up, couldn’t be arsed. I bet Steve Lister reports a bloody Woodlark this morning.


3 responses to “Invismigging

  1. David Gray

    John, you know that’s just being lazy or too many pints the night before!;-]

  2. David Gray

    Also small numbers of Redwings over Dean’s lane this morning but nothing much else!

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Just lazy Dave. I was up in good time. Had I known you were going I would have made the effort to get out. Were you with anyone? If you send me the data I will post it on Trektellen… as long as I get it soon!

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