Political Bias on the BBC

Why do the BBC only ever talk about Conservative estimates when trying to guess the numbers of, say, Iraqi civillians killed while Britain was waging an illegal war there. Surely in terms of balance the Government ought to be allowed an estimate and the Lib Dems should get a guess once or twice.


One response to “Political Bias on the BBC

  1. Don’t they usually add..[after ‘conservative estimates’]…’maybe as many as’?
    They used to anyway…

    ps…when estimating bird flocks i always go for ‘conservative’ numbers…but ‘maybe up-to’…[not that i’m comparing dead folk to duck counts]!

    ps…hope you have some good stuff on scillies by the way….i won’t mention ‘that’ song by D-ream again…..[or by M-people…]…as it was incredibly S-hit…

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