Tinterweb Magic

After a few days I thought I’d fire up the laptop and process a few photos – I forgot my bloody CF card reader so I’d just been to the photo place and transfered some files onto CD. I was anticipating having to later find somewhere to pay for WiFi but the wireless gods are smiling and we’re online in the flat.

This is the Drunkbirder from a secret location on St Mary’s – just in case some fucker secures there connection.


11 responses to “Tinterweb Magic

  1. Photos of what exactly John. Yesterday there wasn’t a single BB rarity reported from Scilly – is the the first time ever during the second week of October? Hope you’re having a good time though.


  2. Hope you get some decent birding John….things are still shite in Leicestershire…..

    ps…[M25 shrike provided some entertainment this morning tho…..Mr.Gray should be there by now]…..

  3. Colin, ticked off the Shrike at around 11.45pm, but must admit there were a few numptys at the site!

  4. Did you observe ‘numpty-ish’ behaviour then Dave?

    ps…Mr.Evans and Franko were there…..[plus a ‘one time leicester bloke’…good ‘ol Nick Gardner….who it was great to have a chat with…

    pps….did you notice a certain young lady holding a whopping great video recorder whilst you were there? She might have been summat to do with the bbc’s forthcoming twitchy program…i only mention her because she was well…and i mean ‘WELL’ good-looking….[not that i noticed like]……

  5. Of course there were ‘numpties’ (god I hate that word) there – it was a twitch!

  6. thedrunkbirder

    Basking Shark yesterday and Minke Whale today have been the best beasties. Found a Wryneck on Aggie on Sunday.

  7. Andy…i think your right about the word ‘numpty’….shall we just call them ‘dumb-fucks’….instead?

    John….swivel-headed wrynecks are always porn….!

  8. Yes, that’ll do. Have you been away or something, Colin? There’s been a distinct lack of sweary comments on my blog in the last few days!

  9. Andy…’normal’ beast-like service has now been resumed on Llama’s….any good?!

    ps…yunno…some folk reckon i swear all the bastard time and it ain’t fuckin true i says…..[you can never ‘force’ a good rant]……!

  10. Yes, that’s better thanks. I was getting worried…

  11. Chuckle…!

    To tell you the truth Andy itz been sooooooo boring round here lately that i went into full ‘couldn’t be arsed’ mode….

    ps…feel much better now after this mornings ‘shrike’ session…!

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