Caption Competition

Please add your best caption in the comments. The winner recieves life membership to the 4/500ths Club.


Leigh starts to feel her preparation for the Paris-Dakar Rally was coming unstuck.


8 responses to “Caption Competition

  1. John – I’ve got us a cab for the Yellow-billed!

  2. Rob – have you got a 5p?

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Leigh worries that costs are being cut in Q Branch!

  4. Haven’t got a caption for you…but ‘the scene’ reminds me of the film ‘Tremors’ where big wormy things come out the ground…and generally eat stuff…cars…people…etc…

    ps..’Tremors’ was one of Kevin Bacons more demanding acting roles…..

  5. I knew I should’nt have kept following the Sandhill crane down the A9.You wait till I get hold of Arthur Daley.


  6. “I don’t understand – the car was fine the last time I went to see a rarity on Scilly”

  7. I’m sorry Leigh and John but the world land speed record won’t be broken today!!

  8. “Hello John got a new motor”.

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