Minke Magic

Another shit day flogging round for bugger all reward. I did find that there were two Yellow-browed Warbler on the Garrison using, as the Police would say, technology.

Leigh and I resisted the temptations of St Martins, she stayed in bed I realised everyone and his dog was going after a Red-throated Pipit. Cut a long story short Leigh and I ended up having a beer in the Old Town Inn. News that a Minke Whale was showing off Tolman Point, a few minutes walk, had us draining our pints and heading out.

For the next hour and a bit we watched our second marine creature performing brilliantly. All we really expected was a few views of the fin and maybe a blow. What we got was the animal, and it was a big Minke, lunge feeding. We were able to see the baleen plates, eye etc. Totally absorbing.

Photos will appear when I can get some more downloaded – forgot my card reader you see.


One response to “Minke Magic

  1. I feel I have been shown in a bad light as you imply all I do is stay in bed then go for a beer when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. In fact sometimes I don’t stay in bed but go straight for the beer.

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