You’ve Been Fleeced

This little number was taken in Leicesters Fleece Capital…



10 responses to “You’ve Been Fleeced

  1. Is that Starsky or Hutch in the photo..?…[can’t remember which one used to wear the heavy knits]…P.M. Glazier..?

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Starsky wore the big jumpers!

  3. that’s a bit of a myth, starsky only wore the big jumper in one episode!

  4. Yer fuckin kiddin me Dave….starsky only wore a woolly in the one episode?…surely not! I am shocked……[but not badly]….

    Remind me…[because i’m mildly pissed at present]…wasn’t David Soul some sorta rent boy or ‘midnight cowboy’ type before he became famous?….and the Starsky bloke…[glazier]?…he’s dead ain’t he….?

    ps…huggie bear is still doin well out of his former pimping persona i believe……

  5. thedrunkbirder

    I think you may be right about David Soul but Paul Michael Glazer is still alive. His wife was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, I think as a result of a blood transfusion.

  6. Without googling Glazer…i’ll take your word for it John…[tho maybe i shouldn’t after the ‘darth episode]?…chuckle!

    Now i know ‘boss hog’ is dead….[without googling]….!

    ps…is ‘democracy’ dead or alive…? [‘question time’ should be interesting tonight on the box]!…….personally i wud rather see Lord Vader on ‘the panel’ rather than Mr.Griffin…..or Kermit the frog…[who Mr.Griffin believes is french]…or better still…a tub of lard….[actually there are similarities between nutter ‘Nick’ and a tub o lard come to think of it]…..

  7. Nice to see the model has adopted the-it’s getting colder so I’ll get out me fleece but it’s not winter yet so I’ll keep me sandals on all-be-it with socks rule- Those Leics ladies are so in the trend!

    Plus everyone recalls Starsky’s jumper because it was in a lot of posters! I think I may have had it on my bedroom wall once.

  8. Starsky wore the sweater in the pilot episode and I think two other episodes, but that’s about it. It was that a lot of promo photos were taken of him in it and so that’s what everyone remembers.

    PMG is alive and well, just did a guest spot on “The Mentalist” on tv here in the US. David Soul was a singer before he got into acting.

  9. Thanks for that about Starsky Laura and David Soul is now living in the UK and has been in number of prime time dramas on the BBC!

  10. yes he is and whenever we can score copies of what he does on this side of the pond, we jump all over it! Still quite a strong fanbase for Starsky & Hutch & Paul & David. 😀

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