Modern Life is Rubbish

What did we do before all this technology? We probably relaxed that’s what we did. Two classic examples this week are first off on Monday my phone battery finally died about 16.05… minutes later Jim Graham was trying to text me about a Bittern at Cossington Meadows which soon turned out to be VC55’s fourth (and probably only live) Little Bittern. Had my phone not been charging I could have made it.

This morning I woke to the staggering news that a reported and photographed Yellow-browed Warbler in South Shields has turned into Britain’s first Eastern Crowned Warbler. Bugger, bugger, bugger! I had long dreamed of finding the first and now I’ve been trumped by someone who thought it was a Yellow-browed. What’s even more galling is the finder got a better shot of the bird than I have of Yellow-browed and this allowed a retrospective ID.

Life would have been so much simpler when we all sent postcards about rare birds and everyone thought seeing 400 species in Britain was fanciful… mind you we’d probably all have Moustached Warbler on our lists and be fed up of doing rarity reports on Little Egret.


One response to “Modern Life is Rubbish

  1. At the moment we wouldn’t even be able to send postcards because of the fucking post strike!

    On the whole I think I’d rather have technology – although it is crap a lot of the time. Blogger has had some sort of fit this morning, and several blogs, including mine and Skev’s, aren’t accessible. Seems to have affected a lot of sites according to the completely useless Blogger ‘help forum’, which is currently clogged up with idiots saying ‘I can’t get onto my blog either’ as if that’s supposed to help!!

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