That Was The Week That Was

Bloody hell – what have I done to the Birding God to deserve this? Monday my frigging phone dies and therefore I missed out on a mega county tick – Little Bittern.

Then an Eastern Crowned Warbler turns up. I decide not to go for it but thought that getting out into Lincolnshire would be good for the soul. Wrong again as Andy Mackay and I flogged around some prime – probably too prime – habitat on the coast. The winds had gone all wrong, birds elsewhere had stayed, the rains came down and we found bugger all – except that the Beach Cafe at Anderby Creek isn’t very good.

Today I went up to South Shields – cheers Colin for driving – for the Eastern Crowned Warbler only to dip horribly. On our way home we tossed a bit of a coin – go for easy Black Grouse in Arkengarthdale or Bittern at Potteric Carr. We went for Bittern and dipped out again. Fucker!


5 responses to “That Was The Week That Was

  1. There are many ‘birding gods’ in L3 folklore…some people reckon that they don’t exist of course…but they are deluded…[they even think that the porn fairy is a figment of overactive imaginations…the fools]!
    The well known birding god of dip is, of course, the almighty ‘Tuff-shit’….and i’m presuming that you must have angered him in some way to go thru such hard times?
    [‘Tuff-shit’ is a very fickle god…like all gods…and can strike you down with one almighty sweep of his turd shaped sword]….fortunately tho, with practice, you can usually sense him coming….[ie..when you just know that the whole ‘set-up’ stinks of shitty ‘dip’]….

    ps…i can give you ‘tips’ on how to avoid this gods vengeance…don’t always work tho….if he’s got it in for you then youz fucked……[have you tried placating him with a sacrifice or two]…?

    pps…be aware that the birding gods are ‘testing you’…[bit like the creepy geezer out o the ‘Saw’ movies…jig-saw]…..he’s a chuckle!

  2. “I’ll get my coat” probably sums up the day!

  3. I think beast is right – you should have known that you weren’t going to see the warbler today after choosing not to go yesterday! It’s been said many times before, but if you’re going to go you have to go immediately. Otherwise you inevitably incur the wrath of the birding gods…

  4. Well you did say it was because you used up too many ‘pink points’ i.e I let you off the leash for 2 days in a weekend. I,of course, feel this is bollox , I think it’s because you are angering the birding gods by giving up twitching and fighting with yourself re taking it back up again! Just give up the pretence- I won’t judge you- others might .

  5. I think you may have something there Leigh..! [such behaviour would most certainly anger the gods]..

    I say….do what you bloody well like…if you enjoy it…and fuck what other folk might think…[then again..i’m shameless…a whore..and in all likelihood..a hypocrite]…!

    ps…and when i say ‘do what you like if you enjoy it’….i don’t mean like raping horses or strangling dwarfs……i mean…please….there are limits…ain’t there?!

    pps…..just where is this ‘high moral ground’ then….?…[chuckle]…

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