Did He Really Say That?

My job means I’m often in coffee shops and today I was in a branch of a major chain – the most expensive one as well and one where they don’t have a loyalty card scheme. Anyway, these places are often populated by businessmen (and women) touching base and blue sky thinking and all that shit!

Today’s pair of sharp-suited arseholes were a dream, the younger one was very nattily dressed, nice grey suit, funky socks and a lovely pair of brown brogues. He also had a regulation semi-professional footballers haircut with a nice blonde frosting. In all the consumate twat.

Amongst all the bollocks they were both spouting – do we all need to know about your dreary business dealings? – he came out with a gem. ‘….it’s not big kahuna’s…’ I assume this means money but it was just the way he said. What an arsehole!


4 responses to “Did He Really Say That?

  1. Perhaps using the term in an incorrect context also unless your assumption is wrong. Big Kahunas is generally used as an alternative to ‘big shot’ or ‘big man’. It is Hawaian in origin, perhaps referring to the village shaman although modern Hawaians use the term in a surfing context.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    No, he was talking about money – payment for a job or some such. Big Kahuna is also the (fictional?) burger chain featured in Pulp Fiction.

  3. Style over substance eh?…don’t you just love it?…[‘no’ is the correct answer]…..

  4. What a twat you should have beaten him to death with his Blackberry!

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