Owls About That Then

After yesterday’s phone call from Dave Gray about two Short-eared Owl at Cossington Meadows I made sure I finished work within easy drive as it’s dark early now… if you hadn’t noticed.

A few birders were already out and about whilst Adrian Russell and his wife were out walking the dog – Adrian was using this as cover to investigate leaf-miners! So as well as carrying the obligatory bag of dog shit he also had a bag of leaves and leaf-miners. A couple of male Stonechat were in the hadge that borders the main track at either end.

I popped down to Tern Pool to look at the Red-crested Pochard (Cosso tick No1) and the headed back down the track to join Dave Gray and Roger Davis on Owl Watch. As dusk fell up to three (possibly four) Barn Owl showed well over Swan Meadow, a Buzzard was mobbed out of it’s roost by Carrion Crows and the first of three Little Owl started calling.

Soon enough we picked up a Short-eared Owl in the gathering gloom at the back of the meadow (Cosso tick No2). This flew off towards The Moor and over the head of Steve Campsall and his companions. They also had one perched up. Another Short-eared was crossing and recrossing the path of at least one of the Barn Owls.

On the way back to the cars in near dark a female Tawny Owl called between us and the Rectory Marsh area. What a great evening. Only needed a LEO for a full house


2 responses to “Owls About That Then

  1. A dog owner clearing up after their dog would probably also have been a Cosso tick…

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Adrian Russell did. Mind you he may well have hung the bag on a hedge later! ;o)

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