Saturday Night’s Alright

After a couple of evenings when Leigh couldn’t get down to Cosso in time to see the Owls on Thursday or Friday we went down last night. Being the weekend a bigger crowd than usual were gathered in the hotspot overlooking Swan Meadow.

In recent evenings the Barn Owl have always showed earlier and tonight was no exception as one was picked up hunting at the back of the field. The SEO’s have, unusually, not started flying around until it was almost dark. Tonight however things changed and the first Short-eared Owl was up at 16.45 and spent plenty of time perched out in full view on fence posts. The other, a smaller, paler, bird was soon joining in. At time both Owls were locked in what appeared to be a cross between courtship and territorial behaviour. Lots of deep, slow wing beats and plenty of ‘barking’ calls.

I think tonight everyone would have left the site very happy.


One response to “Saturday Night’s Alright

  1. I certainly did. Beautiful birds to see in action.

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