LROS Meeting Tonight…

… for seasoned Drunkbirder spotters tonight will be a rare chance to see me at an LROS indoor meeting. I don’t normally do the indoor meetings as I can’t be too bothered about oohing and aahing over stunning Neotropical birds in a dazzling variety of colours – that sort of birding doesn’t float my boat; I’m happier trying to work out whether the skulking LBJ is a Lancy or just a Gropper and kicking about scrub and thistles looking for dull 1W migrants. My Holy Grail would be finding a skanky looking Siberian Blue Robin at Sea Lane or a stunning Yellow-rumped Flycatcher in the West Dunes at Gib.

Well for one night only I was asked by Sue Graham to chair this evening and it just so coincided with a talk I really wouldn’t mind hearing – Taiwan. Forget your cheap palstic toys – Taiwan is a birders paradise and one place I actually would visit – the fact that they are a thorn in China’s side is a bonus. It has proper birds too, Flycathers and Buntings etc.

The meeting starts at 19.30 at the Church Lounge at Oadby Trinity Methodist Church, Harborough Road, (off the central car park) Oadby Leicester LE2 4LA (click here for map).


4 responses to “LROS Meeting Tonight…

  1. I missed the LROS meeting…and i missed yer comedy bit last night… did both go…..?

  2. thedrunkbirder

    The indoor meeting was pretty good. I quite fancy Taiwan as place to visit.

    The comedy gig went well. I felt pretty relaxed and I seemed to get a pretty good reaction from the crowd.

  3. Me n usual mob have ‘toyed’ with the idea of visiting Taiwan….but Sichuan keeps coming out ‘fav’…..if they get roads back to decent condition to allow a hassle free visit post earthquake!

    ps…glad gig went well…must have been good ‘material’…! [actually…having said that…even with good material you still need a ‘receptive’ audience]…

  4. Well done John on your gig, thought it was much better this time!
    Also thought the supporting crew was better and that included the Hinckley crowd!!

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