The Drunkbirder’s Yuletide Curry

Having had Leigh’s work’s Xmas do changed I was wondering would Saturday 19 December be good for a Yuletide Curry? I was thinking of the Taj Mahal again as a. it’s good food, b. usually able to book a table and c. near to the Marquis for a decent pint.

All welcome but let me know soon as I ought to make a booking.


9 responses to “The Drunkbirder’s Yuletide Curry

  1. That sounds good to me John…might see if some o me other birdy mates are interested if that’s alright?
    We used to have a regular indian meal ‘do’ for birders in the past about x-mas time…we often met up with the northants mob….always a fuckin chuckle….[no birder was allowed at the table tho without a disgusting sense of humor]….’sensitive souls’ were banished….

  2. thedrunkbirder

    All Low Listers are most welcome… as long as they possess basic table manners!

  3. I will check my rota tonight so hopefully yes?!

  4. Fine by me, but I would book soon, and perhaps think about arriving early-ish. The Taj is a great restaurant when they’re not too busy, but the service goes to pieces when they’re full. We experienced that a couple of Saturdays ago, when it was absolutely rammed, with every table occupied by about 8.

    The starters took over an hour to arrive, and when they did we were two short (in a party of six, which was a bit feeble!) – those then took another 20 minutes to turn up. The main courses were another hour or more after that, etc, etc. I suspect it’s all a carefully calculated ploy to get you to buy more drinks as you wait for the food to arrive…

  5. Just checked the rota I’m on the early shift so book me in John!

  6. Unfortunately my works do is on that night, so I can’t join you.
    I hope you all have a short but sweet bout of delli-belly the following morning, only cured by iced bog roll tightly wrapped around your buttocks.

    🙂 🙂

  7. Count me in, though I can be easily offended by foul-mouthed oiks that keep swearing ‘n shit.

  8. Will check with ‘my lot’ tomorrow who might be ‘in’ for a curry on the 19th……[i should be ok..tho i haven’t checked me diary as i ain’t got one…or a calendar]….

    ps…mark…lets hope that no verbal ruffians turn up at the Taj so’s us sensitive souls can enjoy a quiet evening exchanging polite pleasantries…….

    pps…actually…i hate the ‘traditional’ lager loutish discourteous fuckheads who on occasion frequent such establishments…..’they’ need a good speaking to….[then repeatedly shot in the balls with a paint gun]……n shit..

  9. Count me in….I’ll have a word with the other two Thornton Tossers as well

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