You’ve been fleeced

This classic ‘Red Dogs’ fleece was spotted by Leigh briefly in Birstall this lunchtime before disappearing. After much patience it finally showed well outside the newsagents.

'Red Dogs'

'Red Dogs'


4 responses to “You’ve been fleeced

  1. John…are you and the good lady Leigh developing some sort of obsession with garish fleeces….?
    Beware…one day you will photograph a fleece and you might, just for a fleeting moment, think….’you know..that looks quite good’….!

    ps…then…naturally…you will have to shoot yourself…

    pps…a confession: i did…a very long time ago…own a fleecy thing that had a guitar knitted on the back…

  2. I suggest next time Mark “the pie” invites you up to Sheffield you take in the delights of the Wybourn estate/Castle Market in order to progress your fleece quest. Then again….. The image is too shocking to behold.

  3. thedrunkbirder

    I am obsessed, yes. The fabled guitar fleece eh? That’s one you just have to pass on for others to enjoy…

  4. I’m afraid the guitar fleece strangely disappeared John!
    I suspect Jason of the dyslexic argonauts took it whilst i was out shopping long looong ago….

    ps…i do, however, still have a red n black leather jacket from ‘them days’…..

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