You never listened to a word I said…

After watching the Culture Show tonight I felt compelled to book Leigh and I a couple of tickets to see PiL in Birmingham.

Lydon isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and after his piss taking butter adverts I guess he’ll have lost more fans than he’s gained, but I’ve always been a real fan and PiL rate as one of my favourite bands.

Here’s a taste of what we’re hopefully in for…

Brilliant! Now fuck off…


9 responses to “You never listened to a word I said…

  1. Still think Flowers of Romance is one of their best – I’ve just put it on for a listen whilst I type.

  2. ‘Rise’…… of me all time favs…..thanx for reminding me just how fuckin good it was..and still is!
    [I used to float thru the ceiling on the energy pulsing thru that track]….still ‘gets me’ now….!

    ps…didn’t realize that PIL were back on circuit….[have to catch up with the culture prog]….

    pps….wot with skev’s ‘pistol’ track on his blog and your PIL stuff….i’ve juz been trippin down memory avenue….[so much so that i just listened to M.Mclarens ‘madame butterfly’]…..

  3. Just wondered instead of ageing hippies can you get ageing punks?!?

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Dave Punk was never about those comedy tourist Punks… it’s a way of living. To use your over used phrase – basically – well basically it’s putting two fingers up to the world and never, ever accepting what the fuckers in power tell you or want you to believe.

  5. Hope you enjoy the gig, John.
    The last time i saw PIL, they did the cassic “Anarchy” but changed it to “Apathy in the UK”

  6. Out of interest…Mr.Rotten was on ‘the one show’ this evening….

  7. So John basically you can get ageing Punks! ;-]

  8. Have you read John Lydon’s autobiography? Much as I love the Sex Pistols, punk and everything it stood for (and still does), he comes across as a conceited twat who seems to think he invented everything to do with punk, when really the whole thing was down to Malcolm Maclaren, Vivienne Westwood and a lot of very clever marketing (as it would be called these days). And it was Sid Viscious who really made the Pistols.

    That’s a bit simplistic I know…

  9. thedrunkbirder

    Vicious killed the Pistols – he was a cunt of the highest order! Punk was ‘invented’ if anywhere in the US and maclaren jumped on the bandwagon here. Maclaren had nothing to do with what the kids were doing at that time forming bands like the Damned, The 101r’s or London SS or many other bands he just managed to get the Pistols.

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