Bag Of Shite

Why the fuck do people bag up dog shit only to throw it on the fucking pavement? It’s less bother to just leave it at least it will decompose or get washed away… fucking morons

Bag Of Shite!

A much better use of the word had to come from Paul Calf… eh maybe it was some schtewdents that left it?

For anyone who can’t remember… here’s a bit of Paul Calf in action.

If you noticed the compere was Bernard Righton a reformed Club Comic, well, here he is… enjoy.


5 responses to “Bag Of Shite

  1. Basically I think its called Lazy Fuckers!!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Looks more like a Common Fiscal to me… which I guess makes it a first for Britain!

  3. I think you’re being hasty there. Look at the elongated jizz of the bag, the handle projection especially.

    There’s no doubt – it’s a Long-tailed Shite…

  4. thedrunkbirder

    You’re right about being hasty and it is long-tailed I agree but given the black overall colour it must be a Long-tailed Fiscal Shite….

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