Whoop whoop!

‘Harold’ the Whooper Swan remains at Watermead Country Park South – he seems to have queered his patch somewhat but hey, if he stays into the New Year, I won’t be complaining.

Since his arrival bearing a BTO ring ZY0349 on the right leg there is now a yellow plastic ring on the left leg. I’m not too sure of the full number but the last two digits are 3G, the first is possibly B.


8 responses to “Whoop whoop!

  1. That should have course have been The Leicester Llama (singular). For some reason (probably because I cleared my cookies out the other day) my details didn’t come up in the boxes and I had to type them in again.

  2. Now my original comment has disappeared! What’s going on!

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Your comment is back, because you put it in as Llamas I had to approve it. Have you read the ring previously?

  4. Apparently the swan’s name is ICE. Not sure wheher it was named in Cumbria or by Watermead Swans Julie.


  5. Bollocks – he’s called Harold. Ice is a stupid name for a Whooper Swan.

  6. There was no sign of “Harold the Whooper” on the 21st so maybe its moved on?

  7. Probably got fed up with being ‘stroked’ by that nutter!

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