Siberian Stonechat

In an attempt to get yesterday and the major dip out of my system, I headed to a part of the Country I’m still very touchy about – the former Nottinghamshire coalfield – to Bevercote Pit Wood on the site of the old pit.

Putting my politics aside I had gone for the Siberian Stonechat – and what a beauty!

'Siberian' Stonechat

The bird was incredibly mobile – seemingly vanishing and appearing somewhere behind me. At one point I lost if for about 20mins and was on the point of giving up when a female Common Stonechat popped up on a fence to be promptly chased off by the male Sibe. He was an aggressive little sod – Wrens got equally short shrift.

Siberian Stonechat

The photos are digscoped images – no chance with the DSLR


3 responses to “Siberian Stonechat

  1. We went for this little bastard yesterday n dipped whilst you were dipping further afield in Wales..! When we arrived at site we turned right thru gate but thought we had to go round circle track/anti-clockwise…so we took a track off left and did a fucking great circle ending up back at the car!
    I collared some bod with bins in the lay-by and he told us where to go…so armed with new info…[and switching off our internal ‘twat-nav’]…we approached ‘the’ supposed area..[at about2.30pm]. Then…of course….one almighty face fuckin snow storm hit and we were ‘white up’ shite creek without a shovel. Undeterred, desperate and obviously barkin mad…I blasted off into the blizzard and after much stomping around whilst questioning…[what remains of] sanity…i returned to ‘the lads’ looking like a hybrid between a snowman and a yeti….

    The snow eventually eased off but after half an hours searching we couldn’t find the sib-twat chat…my only compensation was a flushed jack snipe….[oh well…guess we’ll return…i’d still like to see it]!

    Never give up…never surrender…..[fuck-em]….!

    ps…sympathies on the gyr front…..

  2. ‘Scab Stonechat’ surely John

  3. thedrunkbirder

    You can’t blame the bird bird Mark – too young to know any better. Sticks in my craw that part of the world though.

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