Wedippeda Gyr Gyr, Wedippeda Gyr Gyr

Another trip west of Swansea, another dip – this time on the Gyr Falcon that had taken up residence on The Gower.

We didn’t even see too many other raptors except Buzzard and Sparrowhawk and oh yes a Kestrel or two. Standing on a windswept Welsh hillside for five hours is no fun I can tell you. I did allow me to revel in that last bastion of racism though… taking the piss out of the Welsh and Dave in particular. Our favourites, well certainly Colin and I was when we saw a police car – ‘quick scarper lads… it’s the Heddlu.’ The straw that finally broke Dave’s back though was my throwaway line in the McDonalds near Swansea – ‘it’s just like and Indian call centre… they’ve got English names and everything.’ Needless to say, Dave was not amused.


3 responses to “Wedippeda Gyr Gyr, Wedippeda Gyr Gyr

  1. ‘Wedippeda’? Is that Wikipedia for the dyslexic?

    By the way, we were talking about those annoying ‘Snapshot’ boxes that pop up all over the place on your blog – I managed to get rid of them by clicking on the tiny ‘cogwheel’ icon at the top right of a box. If you select ‘options’ you can disable it, either for this site or for all sites. Not sure how it knows in future – presumably via a cookie.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    It’s a play on the Kula Shaker song Govinda. I knew there was a way – just couldn’t think under such pressure…

  3. Time to change the blog name John – ‘the day too late birder’

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