Celebrity Birder Yearlist Challenge

After this years dramatic increase in the celebrity birder, I thought I would challenge you all to a celebrity birder yearlist.

As for rules – I guess we have to see the birders in a wild and unfettered state – i.e. wearing bins and/or carrying a scope and well, I think that’s about it. Sightings of birding celebrities in shops etc will not count – unless they are buying new bins and/or scopes.

As far as I know here is a list of celebs who claim to be birders – I don’t intend to allocate celebrities to any sort of heat style rating system such as A list or Z list.

Bill Bailey, Alex Zane, Jeff Green, Rory McGrath, Chris Packham, Bill Oddie, Ken Clarke, Elliott Morley, Jarvis Cocker, Damon Albarn, Marc (Lard) Riley, Vic Reeves, Van Morrison, Dr Fox, Caroline Quentin, Trudie Goodwin, Sean Wilson, Bill Drummond, Tim Burgess, Guy Garvey, Sam West, Paul McCartney, Sean Bean, Joanna Lumley, Mick Jagger, members of British Sea Power and The Guillemots, Jeremy Clarkson, Mike Hooper (ex Liverpool goalie), Cameron Diaz, Steve Jones (probably not the Sex Pistol), Alex Horne, Alison Steadman.

 Not an exhaustive list I’m sure but good hunting!


9 responses to “Celebrity Birder Yearlist Challenge

  1. I’m gutted, not only have I not made the list but there’s about as much chance of any of that lot making it this far north as I have of finding the next first for Britain. Any chance of a handicap system based on geographical distance from London?

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Sorry Alan but neither yourself or David Lindo are allowed as you’re both primarily birders who have made the leap to celebrityville on account of being birders…

  3. Hey John, what about Alex Horne? A top bloke at the birdfair this year!

  4. Also looking at the list I have met/seen five names on the list: Chris Packham, Bill Oddie, Ken Clarke, Sean Wilson and Mike Hooper (ex Liverpool goalie!). And before you say something no I am not a celebrity stalker!? ;-]

  5. thedrunkbirder

    You can’t have Mike Hooper playing for Liverpool you tool! They’ve got to be birding.

  6. I remember ticking Rory McGrath at Titchwell a good few years ago. Sadly he was not in prime plumage, instead looking a bit fat and sweaty and knackered.
    Are any of the celebs in your list description species?
    I would suggest ticking Bill Oddie without bins and scope would be harder.

  7. thedrunkbirder

    I suppose a photo would be better than just the report and for some so called birders such as Steve Jones or Jarvis Cocker I would need some kind of written note with a supporting photo.

    I’ve also added Alison Steadman to the list.

    I remember ticking off Rory McGrath with you at Titchwell. If you read his book you’ll probably work out that was probably his first or second time in the field.

  8. What about that Kate Bubble off Springwatch? And Norman Lamont if he is still alive. Plus Prince Philip.
    All reported at RW over the years. But one of them was struggling to Id Wigeon.

  9. thedrunkbirder

    I’d read about Norman Lamont _ i guess he’s still alive so on he goes. As from Katie Grumble, I do try and forget about that dizzy cow.

    Prince Philip is debarred from the list for many reasons – He’s a Royal, he’s likely to blast anything he see’s out of the sky and he’s also a complete cunt!

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