It’s Here!

My long-awaited Collins Bird Guide 2nd Edition arrived today. First impressions –  a massive improvement on the 1st Edition… if that’s possible.

For the cover price of £25 is it worth upgrading? Well in short yes, the large white-headed gull complex has seen a major upgrade, as too have the Shrikes. Plenty of other splits covered, some surprises as well. Iberian Grey Shrike being an odd split from Great Grey Shrike given its treatment by the BOU; Balearic Warbler is still lumped and some odd names.

A lot of plates have been repainted and the colour printing isn’t as washed out as before. When you consider Amazon are offering it for £16 it’s a must buy. Hopefully I’ll review it more fully in The Grebe and here soon.


3 responses to “It’s Here!

  1. Yep, only really had a chance to look at the gulls so far, but they look much better.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    They all look like they’ve been redrawn don’t they?

  3. Will be getting it next pay day!

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