You’ve Been Fleeced – Special

A few people have been sending in photos of fleeces and this special edition showcases them. First is a pretty standard fleece taken at Scarborough by Mark Reeder.

Another from Mark Reeder is altogether more interesting… this poor quality record shot appears to show a fleece jacket/trouser combo. Until now this was only thought to be a myth and so a special expedition is to be organised to Sheffield to check the status of this rare breed.

Finally from the frozen wastes of Northumberland, Alan Tilmouth dusted off his lens to snap this fleece new to science.

Fleecimaximus tilmouthii

Women in Northumberland are not known for wearing fleeces or any kind of coat, a dusting of body glitter normally keeping out the cold in the Bigg Market. It would appear that this fleece must be a vagrant and has been named in honour of it’s finder; Tilmouth’s Long-fleece Fleecimaximus tilmouthii.


3 responses to “You’ve Been Fleeced – Special

  1. When you do the book (Fleeces of Britain & Europe) do you think we can persuade Killian to do the illustrations?

  2. Hey John, do you have any e-mail address? I took a lovely fleece photo today with your website in mind and would like to send it to you!

    At 4.30pm today i noticed it was still quite light outside and quite photographable which made me think of the SEO’s at Cossington, but i heard it’s flooded there….i wonder if they are still hanging about?!?


  3. thedrunkbirder

    Hi Ben, I’m trying to think of a way to send my email… I obviously won’t post it here. I’ll try and send you a message through blogger.

    Cosso is underwater…

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