The Forecast For Today: More Smew




A few Goosander had joined the birds and this male was having a good wash and preen. Stunning birds!



The second phone call this morning was from Ken Goodrich telling me the Black Redstart was showing well on the new Hallam Fields estate. After a few minutes the bird came in a showed well. The locals seem pretty interested too so I took the chance to plug birds, birding and LROS.

Black Redstart

Black Redstart


A phone call from Mick Braker this morning had me heading to Key Lakes for the redhead Smew he’d found. I had passed on the news to Dave Gray and Pete Jessop. Dave was coming back as I arrived, happy to pull a bird back.

The Smew kept it’s distance but did have a little fly around allowing a few ‘closer’ record shots.


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