Way To Go Pope Benedict XVI

I for one am really pleased that Pope Benedict XVI has spoken out about Britain’s proposed Equality legislation. He feels it is unjust and threatens religious freedom. What’s more it seems The Pontiff feels the legislation runs against ‘natural law.’ Our good friend the Pope still appears to be a bit pissed at Britain for the deeds of Henry VIII a couple of years back now when the Catholic Church was told to go fuck itself! Oh, I know Church of England Bishops are also a bit pissy about the proposed legislation but hey, thet’re not quite so annoying as that celibate fuckwit in the Vatican.

Anyone who knows me will know that I hold all religions in equal contempt but the Pope moaning on about ‘natural law’ is just fecking risible. The former member of The Hitler Youth probably wasn’t too concerned about ‘natural law’ when Jews, Gipsys, the mentally ill or those will other mental disablilities and any other odd grouping the Nazis didn’t like were being trundled off the death camps eh?  

The Pope might also consider how against ‘natural law’ the actions of a small, but particularly vile, number of his Priests have been getting up to with children… here endeth the fucking lesson, you sexually frustrated cunt!


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