Wordwatching – Alex Horne

Wordwatching: Breaking into the Dictionary – It’s His Word Against Theirs

Alex Horne loves words… he loves Countdown… he’s dead funny! After seeing his show Birdwatching and reading the book I had to get this once Alex had let me know it was published.
It was straight to the top of the pile and I was soon immersed into Alex’s attempts to get his words into the OED. I had some vested interest I guess as since I met Alex I have been trying to nuture some of the seeds he planted in my online presence, with my friends and in my comedy.
The book is a rollercoaster ride to push his new words and get at least one into the dictionary. Alex highjacks TV and radio, takes any opportunity to get a few words into a newspaper column, whatever it takes. He even gets himself on Countdown, where the OED rules supreme.
How does he get on? Are his efforts totally games. Does the adventure send Alex on a mental safari? Well, I’m not telling… you’re going to have to spend a bit of your hard-earned honk at the local bookshop and find out.


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