First Class Attracts Tory Twats

In a response to that Tory cunt Nicholas Winterton, The Drunkbirder thinks that first class on the train atrracts ‘Tory Twats.’ The Drunkbirder said that on trains he is forced to travel in standard class as ‘he just can’t fucking stand Tories and those fucking arsehole business men and women that think we’re all twats and waste our taxes.’

As we all know British Rail wasn’t all that brilliant but at least in ran for the benefit of society and not to line the already full pockets of fucking Tories who benefited from the fucking, stupid, fucking Tory cunts who made such a fucking balls up of privatising the railways.


4 responses to “First Class Attracts Tory Twats

  1. Alan Rintoul

    Ah yes, I thought you might have something to say about this.
    What Sir Nicolas does’nt seem to grasp though is that oiks like myself occasionaly travel first class if the price is right, but probably dont attract his attention because I sit quietly drinking the free tea and eating the free biscuits or indeed anything else the train operator cares to give away.
    Maybe I should vote Tory at the forthcoming election!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    You didn’t think I swore a little too much then?

  3. So the Tories screwed up the railways and coal mines, but Labour have fucked up everything else since those glorious Thatcher days.
    All your taxes are going on state handouts to British enemies (hook et al) spongers, scumbags and Wankers, sorry I mean Bankers whose anal bonuses eclipse what you will earn in your lifetime.

    Politicians are all the same no matter what colour tie they wear.

  4. Manny Feltersnatch

    Tory taxdodging cunts. They are a bigger drain on the state than benefits handouts.

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