Money For Old Rope

Rope prices have never been higher. Why not turn all that old rope into cash? Simply log on to and we’ll send you a pre-paid envelope.

Then get into the garage or shed, pop all your old rope into the envelope and send it back to us. We will then give a no quibble valuation. If you’re not happy we will return all your old rope. Simple! So why wait? Go to and turn that old rope into cash!


4 responses to “Money For Old Rope

  1. Hi John,

    Was thinking of popping up your way tomorrow to try and spot the 2 SEO’s at Burton Lazars….just wondering if you have any info on where exactly they are, where to park etc?

    Many Thanks
    Ben Andrew

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Hi Ben,

    I haven’t a clue where these Short-eareds are to be honest… I’ve not bothered with them. Been sticking with our own at Cossington.


  3. Ok thanks John, have tried the Cossington one’s again recently but they all seem to have gone!

  4. thedrunkbirder

    Not been down for the past 2 weeks… other things on. Good luck with the Burton Lazars birds.

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