Wet Patch

Had a days annual leave today and instead of going to Suffolk, I had planned a day down in the Soar Valley. I hadn’t bargained on all the rain but set out anyway hoping for a Scoter or Little Gull. Well I didn’t get either but did pull in two Willow Warbler at Watermead Country Park South as well as another singing Cetti’s Warbler. At least 15 Chiffchaff, chiffchaffing as well even in the pouring rain.

I added nothing on Wanlip Meadows and made my way up to Wanlip North. I had just managed to get onto the Egyptian Geese to take my yearlist total to 106 when my mobile beeped with an LROS Birdnews twitter message. Matthew Berriman had found a Dotterel at Cottesmore Airfield.

Stopping to grab a sandwich I was soon over there and arrived just behind Ben Croxtall and Paul Fossey. A lad kindly let me have a quick look in his scope at the eyestripe hunkered down in the ploughed field with 600 odd Golden Plover.

Seconds later as I was just getting the bird in my scope two fucking Navy fly boys flew through in their Sea Harriers and fucked everything off. Despite a good hour and a half wait only 300 or so Goldies had returned and no Dotterel – oh well it still counts so an unexpected tick for 225 on my County List… happyish days!


One response to “Wet Patch

  1. John, the Dotterel showed well with the Golden Plovers late afternoon!

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