Dirty Tail and Wet Bottom

I found out something fascinating on a Radio 4 podcast today… on Saving Species this week I learn that Koalas are being infected with Chlamydia. Question is how? Who had it first Humans or Koala and how did it spread? As well as infertility it can also cause ‘dirty tail’ and ‘wet bottom,’ just what you wouldn’t want, eh?

Other questions that spring to mind are, do they have Genito-urinary clinics for Koalas? Are Koalas encouraged to get tested by peeing on bits of card or by TV adverts? We need answers…


One response to “Dirty Tail and Wet Bottom

  1. They should take hot baths-like those Jap Monkeys do in pools of steaming Volcanic water whilst having a pick around the fur with each other-maybe humans will be doing this soon-who knows….

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