Digiscoping Discoveries

Last week when I made an ill-fated attempt to get Ring-billed Gull on my County list I bumped into Paul ‘Oldonamo’ Powell and Chris ‘Big ‘Un’ Lythall in Dunlin Hide. With no Ring-billeds to tick off on my bird-spotting list I had to content myself with trying to digiscope the beautiful 2S Mediterranean Gulls on show. The ‘Big ‘Un’ was also digiscoping away and getting some good crisp shots whereas I was getting frustrated by a set-up that rarely focused well. Thankfully Chris put me right with my camera set-up and away I went.

Now I can maybe start digiscoping with some confidence… here are a couple of early offerings. The Med Gulls were taken on 8 April 2010.

What superb Gulls…

This more distant Green Woodpecker was taken at Cossington Meadows on Sunday 11 April 2010.

This Little Ringed Plover was taken a few minutes later on Tern Pool.


3 responses to “Digiscoping Discoveries

  1. Nice shots John, was the Med Gulls coloured ringed?

  2. One of these gulls is colour-ringed and another with them was also, green with four-letter codes. Details awaited.

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Hi Steve, I wasn’t sure if two of them weren’t colour ringed. One at least had either one large green ring or multiple green rings on the right leg from my photos.

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