Wonderful Warren Hills


I had a text from Steve James yesterday as Leigh and I were heading off to Uppingham for The Crown Hotel beer festival. No Ring Ouzel but the Green Hairsteaks were out.

I had toyed with the idea of not bothering but with plenty of broken sunshine I gave it a try. I was quickly into the Green Hairstreak and counted at least 20 with good numbers of Small Tortoiseshell as well.

Green Hairstreak

Green Hairstreak

I thought I’d have a look for any Ouzel – just to wind up Steve – but all I found there were a couple of Wheatear. I had heard the Cuckoo a couple of times but thought it was pretty distant. As I turned round to leave – boom – the Cuckoo was right in front of me. Sadly I was looking back towards the sun. I first off tried digiscoping.


I then switched to DSLR but needed to get closer. I did a bit of hiding – using my tripod and scope as cover – firing off a few images as I closed in.


As I got reasonably close a dog-walker came into view and flushed of the Cuckoo that had been dropping down to feed on the path. I now stalked the bird around the Hills but could never really get it out in the open or with the light behind me.



2 responses to “Wonderful Warren Hills

  1. John Watts

    Hi John, Remember me……we met a couple of times,at Shawell (Ring-billed Gull) and Rutland Water (Long-eared Owl roost),I work at the Zoo at Twycross.

    I read your Blog regularly,and always find it interesting and amusing…..last year you went to RSPB Nene Wash’s to see Corncrake,i’ve been twice this year already without success,the last time being last Sunday (9th May).

    I was wondering if you could give me any tips or usefull information on the best times or places to hopefully catch up with the skulking little bleeders.

    Thanks in anticipation John.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Hi John.

    I just walked the main track… you’re maybe a bit early yet. I went very early morning at the start of June.

    Good luck.


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