The Wonder Of Whinchats

After not finding my own Whinchat yesterday I was a bit peeved that Dave Gray rang me with news of one in the ‘chat’ field behind Worcester Lake at Birstall Gravel Pits. I soon forgot all that when I got down there after work and clocked this beauty. Male Whinchat is one gorgeous bird, I’m sure you’ll agree. This, however is a female… pretty sexy too!

I don’t really like shots on barbed wire fences so I also digiscoped this image.


4 responses to “The Wonder Of Whinchats

  1. Johnny Pedant says: male Whinchats are indeed glorious birds, but that’s a female – no white patch on the primary coverts. But no less glorious for that really.

  2. Or even gorgeous birds, before you pedant me back!

  3. thedrunkbirder

    Ooh you! What a schoolboy error… I’ll never make the Records committee with comments like this!

  4. Went to Watermead today (19 May) looking for the lovely Whinchat. Did’nt see any but saw plenty of Whitethroats, Reed Buntings, and Sedge Warblers. Also saw male and female Great Spotted Woodpecker. Hope to return tomorrow, it’s a beautiful spot.

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