Reeling In The Years

Over the past few days a Grasshopper Warbler has been showing well at the back of Key Lake at Birstall Gravel Pits. The directions were behind the dog shit bin. Arriving there this morning it was a good hour before the Gropper did indeed show well… well until the camera was raised and the the bloody thing resorted to skulking mode!

Grasshopper Warbler

While I was waiting this Sedge Warbler showed well at times but again became very camera shy… these are digiscoped images.

Sedge Warbler

Sedge Warbler

Sedge Warbler

Also showing well and far less shy was this gorgeous male Reed Bunting. What a stunning bird. One photo was digiscoped – can you tell which one?

Reed Bunting

Reed Bunting

Any snail enthusiasts out there that can tell me what this is?

Snail sp.


2 responses to “Reeling In The Years

  1. Hi there – your snail is the yellow bodied no striped form of the Black (aka Brown) Lipped Banded Snail – Cepaea nemoralis aka Song Thrush scram.

    Also come in brown or pink bodies and can have 0,1,3 or 5 stripes.

    There is a horrifically similar species the White Lipped Banded Snail – Cepaea hortensis (The black lips on the BLBS can sometimes be white – just to confuse people who look at snails)



  2. thedrunkbirder

    Thanks Davo… snails eh? Complex id problems!

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