Bempton Cliffs: 9 May 2010

After a night out on the beer in Sheffield, what better way to start to the day than a Red-rumped Swallow after breakfast? Well better than distant views would have been a start. Still it was a Yorkshire tick and it was swiftly followed by a lovely coffee at Mark Reeder’s place. No pies were on offer today but there was some discussion about a hybrid Shortcrust/Puff Pastry pie Mark found in Scotland… genetic engineering gone mad!

Leigh and I were soon off to Bempton Cliffs RSPB Reserve for a seabird fix. If there are people who haven’t yet been to Bempton just one question… why? We had arranged to meet my cousin Diane and her family so we headed off to get a Puffin in the scope ready for their arrival.



With plenty of seabird action it was difficult to decide what to photograph. With digital, things are easy – just shoot and sort it out later – there were plenty of reject shots for the recycle bin!

The Gannetry at Bempton is rapidly expanding so birds around the Puffin watchpoint proved popular. Even without the camera just watching a Gannet come into its nest site proved fantastic.

Immature Gannet


The auks are popular, Puffins are the people’s favourite but the Razorbill are my number one. Trying to get that killer flight shot proved impossible though… these were my best efforts.



This one on the cliffs was digiscoped by young Emily Dixon.

Razorbill by Emily Dixon

The other Auk species were the Guillemot, no sign of Fyfe Dangerfield though.


In my opinion though the true masters of the air at Bempton are the Kittiwake. I hope these shots go some way to showing heir true mastery of the thermals and updrafts.





2 responses to “Bempton Cliffs: 9 May 2010

  1. Sorry John I must confess to the supression of a half made Shepherds Pie whilst you were present.

  2. thedrunkbirder

    We knew something was cooking… Jo threw us off the scent by claiming to have made Meringues.

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