The Pond

After ripping out the bloody useless plastic pond that had been badly sited under a Willow, today saw the creation of a new pond… probably the first pond to be created under the yoke of this new oppressive Tory government. Which cunts were daft enough to vote fucking Tory?

A fat socialist about to start digging

The Levellers

The South Marsh

Ready for stage two

Over the next few days the pond should be lined and filled. It will then be allowed to settle before being planted with native species in the hope of attracting wildlife… Dragonflies hopefully.


11 responses to “The Pond

  1. Alan Rintoul

    Who was daft enough to vote Tory you ask? Err well, by all accounts the people of England.
    Up here the Red Flag is still flying!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    That’s true enough… I’m soon going to have to move up.

  3. Beer, Birds and Socialism – the perfect mix. Enjoying your site. Now let’s work on getting this sham Con-Lib bunch of cunts OUT!

  4. Apart from that dishonest, backsliding bag of shit Clegg, the reason the Tory scum are back in power is, sadly, because the majority of English people are either hate-filled Daily Mail fascists, or Pig-shit thick Sun readers; every one a bastard child of Thatch….Bollocks! I can’t even bring myself to type the rancid old cunt’s name! She makes me wish there was such a place as Hell, ‘cos her arse would definitely be on the fire! I think I’d better add that I’m English as well.

    P.S. Small consolation, I know, but at least the BNP sewage got hammered!

    “like the birds in the trees, the prisoners must be free”

  5. David Gray

    Who was daft enough to vote Tory you ask? Well most of the sad sacks in southern and middle England, one person in Scotland and a couple in Wales!

  6. thedrunkbirder

    We cancelled our holiday abroad this year in case the old witch dies. We’ve had scares before when abroad and we don’t want to miss the party.

  7. Not a leftie twat!

    You bunch of twats!!

    You reckon the ‘working class’ Labour leaders are one of you, biggest bunch of Gerrymandering, Rotten Borough creating cheating war criminal crooks that ever walked this earth!! Exactly like the pigs in Animal Farm.

    As for Wales & Scotland have your own govt and let the Englsh kich the crap out of you as history has proved.

    Feel better now.

    Back to birding………..

  8. HeeHee!

  9. Have been very impressed with your pond development John….looking good!
    Your endeavours would put a certain person to shame…who i won’t mention…[i dug him a pond last year and today it’s full of weeds and has no water in it…unless it rains].

    Am hoping your activity will spur him into finishing it off…the lazy bastard!

    Enjoying the political ‘discussion’ too by the way…and personally…i’d line up the most obnoxious self-serving twats from ‘all the parties’ and piss on them….

  10. David Gray

    You English may have kicked the crap out of us but you will never take our FREEDOM!! Lol

  11. thedrunkbirder

    Exactly Dave… your freedom to live in fucking England cos Wales is so shite! ;o)

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