Phylloscopus sibilatrix

A singing male Wood Warbler has been knocking around near Frank’s Pond at Beacon Hill Country Park now for a few days. Until today I hadn’t had a chance to get up to see it. My first visit this morning revealed the bird was, somewhat surprisingly, still singing but it was too far away for a photograph.

I did, however, catch this Treecreeper at work… creeping up trees.


I went back after work and thankfully the Wood Warbler was much more obliging… sometimes too close to focus on as it blasted out it’s sibilant song from a variety of perches. It seemed totally unconcerned by me or a couple of other birders from Nottingham.

Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler

For me, the song of Wood Warbler is the sound of Spring, more so than the Cuckoo, coming from the edges of the Peak District. In Leicestershire and Rutland, it’s a sound we so rarely hear these days.

Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler

Combine this with stunning good looks and you’ve got my favourite Phyllosc.

Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler


2 responses to “Phylloscopus sibilatrix

  1. David Gray

    Excellent shots of the Woody!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    Cheers Dave… it was a bit dark because of the trees but most of the shots came out ok.

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