Tart’s Ticks

Two ‘tart’s ticks’ today for the Drunkbirder with a good bit of media whoring thrown in. The pre-record of Bill Buckley’s lunchtime spot for Wednesday meant I had little time to spend on one of the birds that has been a big gap on my County list… I had missed a summer-plumaged bird at Watermead back in 1993 but two White-winged Black Tern on Lagoon III did the trick.

Next stop was Swithland Wood to try and track down the second Firecrest found by Jim Graham in Charnwood in two days. No sign at Swithland but as I was searching Jim rang to say he’d just scored a hat-trick and had found another at Dean’s Lane. Agreeing to meet very soon I had time to snap this chubby lass – a Broad-bodied Chaser to you.

Broad-bodied Chaser

A quick trip over the forest and I was soon joining Jim. The bird was singing but had moved a bit further away. It took me a while to get good views but then there it was – a stunning male Firecrest. Bronze epaulets and all. Result and nice one Jim, thanks for the call.


Sorry about the quality – a poor record shot at best but that’s 228 for the County.


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