American: The Bill Hicks Story

Wake up Britain – Bill’s back. 16 years after his death, a brilliant new film about his life is in cinemas. Fuck Britain’s Got Talent and all those talentless, bland fuckers on it – fuck Simon Cowell, fuck Amanda Holden, fuck wannabes with performing dogs. This is talent, it’s not always easy but brilliance never is. Bill still has a place today, his ideas are more relevant today – he saw where it was all heading and we sleepwalked into the bland society we have today.

Get off the sofa and down to the cinema. Open your ears and your minds, the true Messiah speaks from beyond the grave… and unlike Jesus he actually says something interesting.


5 responses to “American: The Bill Hicks Story

  1. John you were doing so well. Nice little posts about dragonflies and butterflies with no swearing. Then you go and see a film about this naughty sweary man and turn back into Mr Tourettes. Where will it end, my only hope is that you don’t get a liking for films such as the Saw movies!!!!

  2. Bill Hicks was some sort of preaching warlock in my eyes…and as you know John…he cast his spell over me many years ago….!
    I’ve never felt the same ‘presence’ since….but i hope that ‘out there’ somewhere…a new version of ‘Bill’ is forming…..! Boy does this world need another ‘Bill’ right now…!
    Not just some fuckin pretend ass-wipe….i really can’t stand the unoriginal cunts with fake passion….i would personally fuck em all to hell and force feed em shit…! [Am i getting carried away…again..?]..yep…!

    I sometimes correspond with a photographer who knew Bill….[yes..i’m that pissin sad]!….but i like to get insights into ‘the man’.

    Really looking forward to this new film/dvd…..and i hope it ain’t toooo..’yeah…he was fuckin awesome man…he was like a god man’…yadda yadda…fuckwit fawning worship type crap….[i think Bill would hate that…although he’d probably be flattered]! He was just a bloke..but what a bloke..!

    ps…’Mark’…the Saw movies are great little comedies….make me laugh every time….!

    pps…[message for Bill in the beyond]….’dear Bill…stop fuckin about being dead you lazy cunt…we need you back now’….just because you ain’t breathing…it’s no excuse….!

  3. thedrunkbirder

    The film is brilliant Colin. A lot of photos and film clips, family etc with his mother, brother, sister and close friends talking. Not tons of live stuff but plenty to keep going.

  4. More swearing please! Anyone who don’t like it’s a goddamnmuthafuckinshitfuckprick!

    Bill Hicks? Top man.

  5. I didn’t even know the film was on cinema’s now…not worried about lack of tons of live stuff…it’s all out there on youtube for anyone who has any taste……

    If there is a ‘god’…..[which…let’s face it…there ain’t]….i’d be really pissed off with him/her…for yanking Bill from this existence far too early….[fuckin non-existent moving in mysterious shit ways wanker that he or she may or may not be]…..

    ps…stop me if i go toooo far by the way….i seem to be on a sweary ride…..[tis just a ride tho]….as someone great once said…..RIP

    pps…apologies to any religious folk for the rant….but i’m a lost soul and i don’t give a fuck…or so it seems….!

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