Two Tick Day

Out and about with work today – took a slow drive back from Loughborough for a visit nearer the city and copped a smart Turtle Dove by the sewage works that promptly flew off towards Watermead North/Wanlip village. Sent out a text to The Llama, Dave Gray and Pete Jessop. Dave text back with news of a probable female Garganey at Birstall Meadows. This news was second hand. Not being able to do anything till later I filed it on my ‘to do’ list.

After work I had to pick up Bill Buckley and take him to Watermead to do his ‘lunchtime’ challenge. We spent a good hour on that and then it was home for tea. As the weather had changed a bit rather than go out I settled down to catch up with Wallander. 10mins in and Dave rang with news of a male Garganey at Birstall Meadows. Had the female been a mistake… or was it, in fact, the female Blue-winged Teal that seems to have turned up this afternoon at Groby Pool? What a big one if it was that got away…

I ventured out again at 20.30 and caught up with the Garganey, that’s now 133 for the Soar Valley, can the 140 fall? I still need Coal Tit and Spotted Flycatcher and there’s plenty of scope for passage waders… the Teal can wait till tomorrow.


2 responses to “Two Tick Day

  1. Don’t tell me you need Blue-winged Teal aswell for the county – this is getting bloody silly!

  2. thedrunkbirder

    No, I got one at Eyebrook years ago. In fact I think I have probably seen two at Eyebrook and I’m sure I saw one with you.

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