It’s, It’s A Bio Blitz

After a long lie in for me 08.00 and a trip to the Leicester Food Fair and a few pints, Dave picked me up for an evening down at Watermead Country Park North. Tonight and tomorrow there’s a Bio Blitz going on. One aim is to record 500 species of any form of wildlife.

We met up with Dale, head ranger and a good proportion of LROS Committee members past and present. Dale’s first trick was a cracking but small female Grass Snake. We also thankfully discovered that after a male Hobby was found dead a few weeks ago that a pair has returned.

The main aim of the evening walk was to see bats and moths. Our first Bats by Crake Hide were Noctule, Soprano and Common Pipistrelle. A brief Brown Long-eared Bat soon followed and one Hobby was hunting bats in the failing light. Spectacular.

A visit to Graham Finch’s moth traps, best species being a superb female Lime Hawk-moth, Iron Prominent and Ghost Swift.

Our last stop was John Merrick’s lake where Dale’s 5million candle torch was soon picking up Daubenton’s Bats hunting low over the water. Pips were also hunting close by.

A brilliant evening and some great wildlife moments.


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