Bio Blitz II

Went to Watermead Country Park South this morning and got involved in a bird walk. A bit quiet but totally unexpected was a Willow Tit… so they are still hanging on in the Soar Valley – just! I got filmed and interview for BBC East Midlands Today – I hope they don’t edit me out!

Some lovely moths on show from Adrian and Skev’s session. The Elephant Hawk-moth was superb.

Over at Watermead North this afternoon the female Hobby put on a bit of an aerial masterclass when mobbed by a Magpie. On the mothing front, Graham Finch had a Netted Pug potted up from last night. A first for Leicestershire outside Rutland. And what a stunning moth it is.

A brief break in the cloud tempted a few Damsels out including my first Banded Demoiselle of the year, two male and three female by the reedbed. I totalled six species before the cloud thickened up. A mammal tick for the year came when a couple of Water Shrew encountered each other in the ditch between John Merrick’s Lake and the access road – much squeaking ensued as these temperamental buggers went at it.

The Bio Blitz appears to have been a huge hit and it’s been good to get down there, meet people and try and get folks interested in what’s around them. I hope to take this on further with a regular slot on Bill Buckley’s lunchtime show every Friday at around 12.10. We should start this week.


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