Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust

Following an email from The Leicester Llama, I logged onto the LRWT website to help settle an argument over the names of areas at Cossington Meadows. I was somewhat surprised to see the website has been updated. A very good site is now excellent.

The Nature Reserves section is brilliant with scope to add your own photos via flickr. I will soon start adding a few of my own… once I’ve got a flickr account.

I only have one small niggling complaint and that is something I find annoying with many websites and magazines – including BBC Wildlife – and that is not capitalising animal or bird names. It really does annoy me.


One response to “Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust

  1. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised as well – it used to be rubbish!

    It wasn’t an argument at all – more that I had got confused over the names of the areas at Cosso and had mistakenly put out the Garganey as being on Upper Moor pool, when in fact it should have been Upper Marsh. I see Birdguides are resolutely sticking to Upper Moor pool though, despite the correction on the LROS bird news page….

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