Leigh and I did something today, I thought I wouldn’t do for a few years… we joined The National Trust. Actually it’s not a bad move and not naff at all… it just sounds like it should be.

We had gone to Avebury for a bit of Pagan Mysticism. Having been sorely disappointed with Stonehenge, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Avebury is different to it’s bigger, brasher neighbour and you can get down with stones and enjoy them in reasonable peace… mind you it was probably quiet because of the awful weather.

Undeterred we wandered around. There is something special in that there is still a settlement there and there’s also the clash of Pagan and Christianity… give me a Pagan any day.

After a coffee we headed off to the West Kennett Long Barrow, a part of the Avebury complex that I doubt many people visit. For some mysterious reason my camera went on the blink – ley lines? When I got it back to the B&B quite a few photos were lost… weird!

The sun burst through very briefly and a male Common Blue was quick to respond. Leigh luckily flushed a Quail while she was looking at one of the many Corn Bunting around.

Our final stop was Laycock, a National Trust village best known recently for being Cranford in the BBC series. The Abbey has also featured as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films – apparently.


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  1. Hoe nice 🙂

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