Bath Spar

Our second visit in two days to Bath – this time for a pub crawl. Leigh had marked our seven targets on the map so off we went. Our first port of call was the Pig and Fiddle, a modern pub – student friendly – four real beers on Leigh had a Butcombe Blond and gave it 6/10 while my Abbey, Bellringer got a reasonable 7/10. Now I like my beers hoppy and dry and for me a 10/10 beer is something like a Thornbridge, Jaipur or Dark Star’s Hophead.

Pig and Fiddle

Next up was The Bell just up the Walcott Road. A lively boozer and my favourite bar non.

The beers were well kept, Leigh’s Bath Ales, Gem gained another 6 and my RCH, Pitchfork scored a very good 8.5/10. A result for The Bell. Another family group of pub-crawlers had a few pints of Stonehenge, Sign of Spring – a green beer that looked like a pint of Fairy Washing-up Liquid. A taster left me thinking it tasted a bit like it an’ all. A gimmick that really shouldn’t be repeated.

The Bell

Round the corner is the renowned Star Inn, a lovely pub where we both had a pint of Caledonian, Flying Dutchman. Leigh scored this a 7 but for my taste it was only 6/10.

One thing Bath is famous for is thermal baths or spas. The Romans even called it Aquae Sulis after the Goddess of water. How lucky we were then to find the rare Bath Spar on our walk back into town.

The Bath Spar

Back to the pubs and the Old Green Tree was next. A lovely unspoilt pub with small panelled rooms. Here we had a pint of Crouch Vale Brewers Gold. A former Champion beer of Britain but only gaining a disappointing 7/10 from us. Leigh described it as undemanding. A conversation with a couple of cider drinkers proved illuminating – apparently a good drink to ply a girl with on a date is Gin over crushed ice with Mint and something else with a still cider. It all seems a bit much but is something like a legal GHB!

The Old Green Tree

Our next pub finally served food. To be fair The Pig did food but we weren’t hungry then. Anyway The Raven had a great range of Pie Minister pies. I had a Mr Porky, somewhat appropriate and Leigh had the Matador. Both excellent.

The Raven

To drink Leigh had a Raven Gold and I tried the Hidden Brewery’s Hidden Quest. Both scored 7/10. We also met up here with the family of Pub-crawlers, who like me seemed a bit pissed by now.

On to the Garrick’s Head we had a disappointing pint of Golden Bolt – actually I had a half.

Our final stop is the tiny Coeur de Lion. An excellent pub selling for beers on handpull. We had to plump for another Abbey Bellringer but it was on top form and scored another 7/10.

Coeur de Lion

By now I was well pissed and so we headed for the station and our base Bradford on Avon. An excellent night out.


2 responses to “Bath Spar

  1. David Gray

    And by the end of the day I was very very drunk……(thanks to the fast show).

  2. thedrunkbirder


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